The Complete Package – Salesperson


The Complete Package - Salesperson

Included in this online package is:
48-Hour Salesperson Pre-Examination Course
24-Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course

Includes additional online study aids:
National Exam Prep
Missouri Exam Prep
Math Exam Prep

The Licensing course has two main components – a National portion and a State portion. You must complete both portions and pass the exams for each portion. There will also be a comprehensive final exam at the end of the course that you must pass before receiving a certificate of completion.

This course consists of content pages and quizzes and is divided into chapters. The chapters are grouped into categories called modules. There is a quiz at the end of most chapters covering the material learned in that chapter. There is a more comprehensive quiz at the end of each module which covers the online chapters in that module. The final exams cover all the material presented throughout the course.

The amount of time you spend on each page is added to your total time spent in this course. If you stay on a page longer than ten minutes, you will be logged out due to inactivity. You may log back in at any time and continue from where you left off.

There are chapter review pages at the end of online chapters. These highlight the main points covered in the course material. While they are helpful as study guides, they are not comprehensive. Do not rely solely on the chapter reviews when studying. Many students find using the supplement course materials which are included with your purchase of this course is the best way to study for the exam.